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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:27 pm

You MUST Abide By These Rules If You Want To Stay In The Clan.

IRC and Forum Rules
Respect All of the Clan Members.
No Racism.
No Porn.
Listen to the Staff Members in all conditions.
Not to spam nor flame on the forums or IRC.

PK Trip Rules
Listen to the Staff Member who is leading at all times.
Show up to an Event (unofficial or not) if you're online.
Bring appropriate gear and items for PK Trips/Events.
Never back stab or joke about back stabbing a member or staff.
Never 1v1 or go wonder off to fight a target during clan trips or events.
Do not teleport or bring teleports during clan trips at all.
Respect all clans at the end of the fight.

If you have read the rules, copy and paste this code in your application:

[color=red][b]I will give free Blowjobs and Headjobs and any other jobs 24|7 to all staff[/b][/color]
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